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Asunción Valley Farm is the perfect place to retire your beloved equine friend.  We offer several different retirement options from group pastures to smaller private irrigated fields. Nestled in a serene valley next to the Salinas River, the property offers beautiful grass fields, large shady oak trees, and ample irrigation to provide your horse with a serene safe haven to enjoy their retired years.

Our spacious pastures provide ample room for horses to roam and graze freely, promoting mental and physical health.  We offer smaller irrigated pastures with large covered sheds for 1-2 horses that are perfect for horses that require more specialized care.


Group Pasture $650.00

4-10 horses on 5+ acres with horse safe fencing.

Pastures are rotated frequently to provide year round forage.

Feeding 2 x day.

Health and wellness checks performed daily.

Trimming and worming (according to AAEP guidelines) provided at additional cost.

Automatic waters to ensure access to fresh clean water.

Private or Semi Private Irrigated Pasture  $1050 - $850

Pipe fenced irrigated pasture with large run-in shed

Bedding provided and stalls cleaned daily

2x Day feeding

Blanketing and fly masks

Nelson Auto-matic waterers

Grain Fed 1 x day 

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